Commercial Auto Insurance Agent Springville, UTIt is great that your child has a job and is earning their own money. The modern world of convenience is offering us many new ways to get food and almost instant retail deliveries, but what you should know is that your standard auto insurance policy likely does not cover you for delivery type services.

Regardless of what you deliver, a personal auto insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for paid delivery drivers. For this, you need a commercial auto policy.

A commercial auto insurance policy is needed for:

  1. Freight delivery
  2. Food delivery services
  3. Courier delivery services
  4. & many more!

Some people think that simply not telling their insurance company means they won’t be able to charge them the extra premium and that they will pay the loss. Don’t kid yourself. Simply not telling your insurance company that you or your child is using their vehicle for delivery does not mean they will cover you when a loss occurs using the vehicle. In fact, when it comes to insurance, it is a black and white coverage decision. Either there is coverage or there isn’t.

When deciding what coverage you need, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who owns the vehicle you’re using for delivery? If it is owned by the company, they probably have a commercial policy. If you own it, you need to carry the right insurance.
  2. How are you using this vehicle? Delivery drivers need a commercial insurance policy.

Your best bet is to talk to a licensed agent in our office to discuss your insurance needs. Remember, simply not telling your agent or your company that you or your child is using the vehicle for delivery doesn’t mean you’ll be provided coverage regardless of any auto insurance claim you have to deal with.

Auto Insurance Agent Springville, UTWe bet you’ve wondered how car insurance premiums are calculated. Do you ever have discussions with friends of similar age and driving history and find you’re all paying very different premiums for what would appear to be similar coverage?

Insurance premiums are based off of many factors, all of which play a role in your total premium for your auto insurance. A single difference of any of these can give dramatically different outcomes. Some factors insurance companies use to calculate premium can include:

  • Gender, age & marital status
  • What’s your past driving history?
  • What’s your claim history?
  • Your Zip Code where the vehicle is garaged
  • Your credit score
  • How many miles you commute
  • Will you or do you have other policies with the same insurance carrier such as home or renters insurance?
  • Are you currently insured?
  • What types of overage do you want? What limits?
  • What limits did you have on your previous insurance policy?
  • Type and age of vehicle being driven (think safety equipment)

Insurance companies do their best to determine a premium for your situation and calculate a premium that will be profitable for them. It may surprise you to know that many insurance companies try to earn just a few cents on each dollar of premium they collect.

While it is impossible to guess what you are going to be paying each year, you can improve your odds of getting a great rate and terrific coverage by calling a local independent insurance agent. Independent agents represents multiple insurance companies, so we can provide you with comparison quotes from several of the top insurance companies in your state.

How Can I Lower My Car Insurance Cost?

Save when you bundle.

Insurance carriers tend to give great discounts when you bundle your auto insurance with your home/renters/other lines of insurance. Need to insure several vehicles? Multi-policy discounts could earn you some substantial savings. Ask your agent!

Don’t drive much? Seek a low mileage discount.

If you drive less than 10,000 miles a year, ask your agent if you qualify for a discount.

Choose a higher deductible.

If your finances allow you to pay a higher deductible in the event you have a claim, you could save money by making this switch.

Ask your agent about other discounts. Do you qualify for any?

  • Paying your insurance coverage in full
  • Paperless option
  • Safe driver (accident free)
  • Electric or hybrid vehicle owner
  • Great credit score
  • Good student
  • Higher education
  • Advance quote

Did you experience a higher premium at renewal?

Reach out to your agent and ask to get a re-quoted on your policy. Since we can quote many top-rated insurance carriers, you can likely get same or similar coverage with a new carrier to save money. Life changes, so can your insurance company – but you don’t need to change your agent.

RV Insurance Agent Springville, UTSpring is a great season to start looking for good used campers. Whether you’re looking at a dealership or from a person off of Craigslist, it’s important to know how to look for possible damage or wear.

Look for these trouble areas to save yourself on repairs:

  1. Delamination

RV’s are typically made of a laminated plywood and adhered with an adhesive. This adhesive over time can become deteriorated and cause the side of the RV to delaminate. This delamination can become worse over time and unfortunately, there is not an inexpensive fix. Reasons for delamination can be moisture, heat or simply age. To look for delamination, look down the side of the RV. You’re looking for a change in the plane – it looks almost like a large bubble. Take your hand and press on it. Does it flex or feel like there is air between the exterior fiberglass shell and the interior plywood?

  1. Tires

Tires are easy to inspect. What you’re looking for is small cracks in between the tread. As RVs sit, they develop flat spots and weather cracks. These cracks while largely cosmetic in nature, can over time deteriorate the tire. If the tires are worn or cracked, consider this into the cost of purchasing the RV.

  1. Rodent Damage

Rodents get into everything. Your RV or trailer is no different. In fact, they make ideal homes for rodents because most of the year, they’re sitting undisturbed. When looking for signs of rodents, pull up some seat cushions and look in storage spaces. You’re looking for rodent droppings. Mice and rats leave droppings everywhere. This can both be a health hazard and also damage your RVs interior as they nest.

  1. Water Damage

RV’s are incredibly susceptible to water damage. Truth is many manufacturers in the US don’t build the RVs with as much quality as they could. Water damage is usually pretty easy to spot or smell. If the RV smells musty or feels damp, this is a big indicator. Look for mineral stains or water stains on wood, around skylights and air conditioners on the roof. Also, go around the RV or trailer and push in on all of the sides all the way around. If water got into the walls, it can quickly rot the structural portions of the RV. Pushing on the sides will identify any areas that may be compromised. An RV should be stiff and hard, if it flexes, it is possible there is water damage. Check closely around windows and on the roof.

  1. Appliances

RV appliances are incredibly expensive to replace because of their compact size. If you’re considering a used RV, have the owner or dealer fire up the refrigerator prior to you getting there so you can feel it cool. RV refrigerators can run on electricity, battery or propane. They take about 2 hours to cool down, so before your arrival, ask them to turn it on. Also, while there, test any water heaters and/or other systems that may be important to you.

  1. Canvas

If your trailer or RV has any canvas, look it over closely for mold and staining. Also, if any windows are plastic on your RV, check all zippers and windows for cracks. New canvas tops for a pop-up camper can cost upwards of $3,000.

  1. Floor

The floor of an RV is one of the most common places an RV, camper or trailer is damaged. The floor is typically made up of simple plywood and in older RVs was not protected by anything. Additionally, floors that were protected underneath often time trapped water that entered from above causing the floors to rot. When inspecting a trailer for a rotted floor, get on your hands and knees and push all over the floor looking for flex. If the floor flexes or feels mushy, it is likely rotten and may require replacement. You can also take a small screwdriver or pick and lightly push from underneath (for exposed wood floors only) and see if the material is rotted.

Taking these steps can save you a lot on costly RV repair. We hope you enjoy your camping season. Many memories can be made while camping so we hope we’ve been successful in helping you be an expert when shopping for a used RV. If you want us to review your RV insurance policy, call us!

Uninsured motorist coverage Springville, UTUninsured drivers are a huge problem across the United States. Each year billions are paid out in uninsured motorists claims. Even though uninsured motorists have steadily declined over the past decade, some states still have one in four drivers driving without insurance. You can protect yourself with an insurance coverage called uninsured motorist coverage.

Uninsured motorist coverage (often times referred to as UM, UMPD or UMBI coverage) is required in some states, so check with your insurance agent it you already have this coverage. In other states, it is purely optional, but certainly a good idea to carry. If you’re injured or are involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, this coverage will help protect you, get your vehicle repaired and can even pay your medical bills as well as act as insurance in case of a lawsuit if you’re badly injured.

Uninsured coverage comes in many forms, all meant to protect you in case you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. When reading these coverages, please keep in mind that the policies and laws vary by state.

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury

This coverage may pay for damages when a covered person is injured and the person at fault for the accident does not have liability insurance.

Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury

This coverage may pay for damages when a covered person is injured and the person at fault for the accident does not have enough liability insurance.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage

This coverage may pay for damages when a covered vehicle is damaged and the person at fault for the accident does not have liability insurance or does not have enough liability insurance.

UM coverage varies by state and according to law so if you’d like to learn more about UM coverage, simply contact your insurance agent to inquire. We can review your current auto insurance and provide a free insurance quote.

While buying a home tends to appreciate in value overtime, buying a vehicle is the opposite. Especially if you are buying a brand new vehicle, the moment you drive off the car dealership’s lot, your vehicle has already depreciated in value. For many vehicles, the more expensive the purchase, the faster the depreciation. New vehicles offer more safety features and conveniences, so we understand why people like them.

Insurance policies are full of language and terms that may not be clear right off the bat. Many terms are specific to the industry and to the specific type of insurance that is being purchased. Having a local insurance agent for all of your insurance coverage allows you to chat about all the details with your agent so you completely understand your policy. If you haven’t done this, there are many potential claims where it’s easy to assume you have full coverage.

Being in an accident can be a very frightening event. Being prepared to know how to handle the situation when it occurs will help you deal with the shock of it, as well as ensure you are covered for the loss when it does happen. While accidents will happen to almost every driver, whether their car is parked and unattended, or while they’re driving, knowing these important steps will help you deal with the unfortunate situation.