Vacant Property Insurance

Whether you’re an investor or just happen to own a piece of property that is vacant, having an insurance policy to protect your liability & structure itself with the property is important. This is where a vacant property insurance policy can help.

Vacant homes are susceptible to numerous risks that not only pose a threat to the value of your property, but could potentially hurt the value of your asset costing you thousands of dollars.

Reasons people have vacant property:

  • Waiting for home to sell
  • Job relocation
  • Inheritance
  • Natural disaster
  • Other homeowners losses like fires
  • Renovations

Follow these tips to keep your vacant home protected while you’re away:

  • Hire a landscaping company. If the outside of your home looks occupied, it will deter thieves and other mischief. Nothing attracts a squatter like an un-maintained, dark house.
  • Close the blinds & put a light on a timer. If people can’t see in, they’re less likely to approach your vacant home. And, if a light comes on at night, this can additionally help deter.
  • Leave on Wi-Fi & add security. Keeping a basic Wi-Fi plan in place can allow you to install video surveillance to alert you of many types of problems and even check the temperature inside of your house to ensure your pipes don’t freeze.
  • Ask a neighbor. If you know your neighbors, ask them to just keep an eye out until the property is occupied.

Unfortunately, vacant homes are the target of vandals, squatters and thieves – not to mention normal property losses like a leaky pipe or failed water heater. You can purchase a vacant property insurance policy to protect you from these losses.

Whether you’re buying a new home, renovating a home or have inherited a home, our agents can help you find coverage to protect it until it is occupied again. Because not all insurers write vacant home insurance policies, it is important to work with an independent insurance agent like us to find you the right insurance company for your vacant property – one who knows and understands the risks associated with protecting your valuable asset right.